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AV Boards

AV Boards - The Turn

AV Boards - The Turn

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AV Boards - The Turn

Quick, exciting and easy to ride

The Turn is a freestyle board stable and easy to ride, but at the same time it’s also fast and exciting. It has a lot of pop and it rotates through moves super quickly. The Turn is able to suit all kind of riders and skills.

A Top rider freestyler can perform all the latest power moves riding this board, but The Turnis also a great all-rounder for all levels of freestylers.

Volume 93 102
Length 217 217
Width 62 63,8
Tail Width 40,3 41,2
Fins 18 28
Weight 6.6 6.8
Bottom shape (Nose to Tail) Flat to Vee Flat to Vee
Box Power Box Power Box
Valve Automatic Goretex Automatic Goretex
Fin Range 18-26 20-30
Sail Range 3.4/5.7 4.0/6.2
N of straps 3 3
Pro Rider Mast Base Setting Middle Middle
Main Construction Materials Full Sandwich 90\ Carbo Kevlar Full Sandwich 90\ Carbo Kevlar


Full sandwich 90 Kg/m3 + double sandwich under the pads + Carbon reinforcements / double sandwich bottom stringer + carbon / Deck Carbon Kevlar + carbon + glass layers. Surfing Hot Coat technology with Epoxy pigmented resin to reduce the paint, and the final weight is 250 gr less

Scoopline similar to a slalom board, with a bottom shape flat with a full V on the whole board, light on the tail, 4 mm on the mid section and flat on the nose. Pin tail and pin nose outline, to have less drag when you pull and close your freestyle tricks, with a bottom line straight but not radical, to make this board a great allrounder to play for riders of every leven and in any kind of conditions. Double insert on every strap to avoid annoying straps twist effect. Goretex valve