Masts with superior weight to strength ratio

With up to 91% prepreg carbon and exact resin to fibre ratio coupled with 50% thicker walls on skinny masts make them the perfect match for Ezzy sails.

20 years of making masts

An immense amount of experience has gone into developing the current Ezzy masts making them perfectly balanced with Ezzy sails when sailing

Sails designed around Ezzy masts

All Ezzy sails have been designed to the exact specifications and perfect flex that only Ezzy masts can guarantee.

Mix and Match System

Designed to get the ulimate performance from the minimal number of mast sections.

  • The Hookipa and Legacy XT have been built to be interchangable,
  • Both have the same curve and stiffness
  • Both are as strong as each other
  • Both are skinny
  • The Hookipa is lighter


To get the very best from your Ezzy sails, learning the proper rigging techniques is important as it's different to other sails due to the non camber more shaped style.

Ezzy sails are built to be tuned to the conditions so spend a little time understanding how to rig them and once mastered it'll make your session epic.

There are full details on rigging every Ezzy sail on Ezzysails.com, click the link below to go there.

Rigging guides on Ezzy.com