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Modena Speed | AV Boards

Modena Speed | AV Boards

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Since our racing collection takes the name of the Italian city that stands for “Performance”, “Design” and “Foolishness”, our Speed boards too are named Modena. And a Speed board really is the result of perfect combination between madness, design and performance!

Our speed shapes come from years of development with the fastest speed riders, who were able to break World and National speed records, or just to their own limit a step forward.

This year we developed our speed collection focusing on the Luderitz Speed Challenge, but the season of speed and challenge to personal limits has no stops, as we’ve seen through the “Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge 2020 – Virtual WORLDWIDE Speed Windsurf Event”, the challenge able to put in contention speed passionate from all over the World, directly on their home spot.








Full sandwich 90 kg/m3 + stringer double sandwich and carbon layers under the feet, Carbon BX reinforcements under the whole step zone to the mast track. We use 3 axis Carbon to give the right stiffness depending the board features and its program. Bottom reinforced with double sandwich stinger + Carbon to keep the same shape also after years of heavy use.





Flat soopline from tail to 93 cms from tail, with a straight constant bottom curve till to the nose. Bottom shape flat from tail to 60 cms, sliding into a light 0,5 mm concave until the nose, with a light 1 mm double concave from front foot to mast track. Outline with the max wide moved toward the nose, in order to have a straight outline from mid board to the tail with a 24,5 cms wide at 1 foot from tail. Rail shape super low to absorb the chop effect when you ride full speed over 40/50 knots!


Bottom shape flat for 60 cms long from tail, sliding into a light 0,5 mm concave to the nose, with a light 1 mm double concave from front foot to mast track. Scoopline with a light 2 mm tail kick and a higher nose compared to the 40. Rails have a fuller shape compared to the 40 and the deck features a light concave to allow to put more pressure on the rails, so the 45 can be sailed with sails up to 7.0


The scoopline features a 1,5 mm  teil kick. The bottom shape features a light V on the tail, sliding in a flat 40 cms from the tail, light 0,5 mm concave between front foot and mast track, with a light double concave. 15 mm concave deck and rail shape similar to slalom boards


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