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Atan wetsuit boots - Mistral Boot 3.5mm

Atan wetsuit boots - Mistral Boot 3.5mm

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Atan wetsuit boots - Mistral Boot 3.5mm

The 3mm allrounder

The Mistral is the perfect all rounder, It can be worn through out the year, But you might prefer the Sunfast shoe in the summer months, this warm boot is fantastic for those cold days or cold locations,  offering the same great bearfoot feel make this the go to boot for many.

Euro Shoe Atan Boot UK Shoe
30-31 T04
32-33 TO3
34-35 T00 2-3
36-37 T0 4-4.5
38-39 T1 5-6.5
40-41 T2 7-7.5
42-43 T3 8-9
44-45 T4 10-11
46-47 T5 11.5-12.5
48-49 T6 13-14
50-51 T7 HUGE!

"it's as if they don't exist"

For Decades ATAN have hand made every boot in the same secret way, they are the most flexible and warmest boots for all watersports uses, particularly distingused from the competition by their incredible “Barefoot feeling” sole. This “Barefoot feeling” is achived by using a natural latex dip process which is unique to ATAN, Unique in it's comfort and feel, every pair is hand made in Europe.

These boots are light, flexible, comfortable, warm, durable, very supple and competitively priced.<br></p>

Surf boot
Plush Titanium 3mm Sock with split toes
Bare foot feeling