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Ezzy Cross

Ezzy Cross


The Ezzy Zeta is available in the above sizes and can be bought through your local shop

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Ezzy Cross

The powerhouse wave sail

Designed for onshore conditions and heavier riders, the Zeta delivers extra power and stability while the luff panel makes it easy to maneuver.

Size Luff Boom Ezzy Mast Weight
(sq.m.) Min-Max (cm) Min-Max (cm) Bottom/Top Kilograms
2.8 324-328 153-163 315/340 2.43
334-338 153-163 315/340 2.56
364-368 153-163 340/370 2.77
398-402 153-163 370/400 3.05
416-420 162-172 400/400 3.20
437-411 168-178 400/430 3.38
456-460 189-199 430/430 3.74
486-490 212-223 460/460 4.20

Lock in and go!

Right from the beach you get that lock in and go feeling yet wave riding, jumps and jibes are still easy.

Built to last

Ezzy worked with the worlds leading high tech material manufacturers to create strong, lightweight and high performance materials that enable the Zeta to cope with big waves and coral reefs.

Calibrated rigging

Every Taka sail is rigged and calibrated in the Ezzy factory to allow you to tune the sail in seconds, simply downhaul until the base of the mast lines up with one of the settings, Max, Mid, Min 1 or Min 2 for very light winds.