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AV Boards

AV Boards Slalom Modena

AV Boards Slalom Modena

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AV Boards Slalom Modena

High performance slalom racing collection

The name we choose for our high performance slalom racing collection it’s the name of a special city and place in Italy, where real “4 wheels” dreams are designed, and made, to match the best combination between speed, quality and madness. Obviously we’re talking about Modena.

Volume 88 98 108 118 128 138
Length 228 229 228 229 227 226
Width 60 62 68 72.5 77 85
Tail Width 39.2 40.5 45.4 48.6 54.4 61
Weight 5.4 5.8 6.1 6.6 6.9 7.5
Bottom shape (Nose to Tail) Vee + Double Conc. Vee + Double Conc. Vee + Double Conc. Vee + Double Conc. Vee + Double Conc. Vee + Double Conc.
Box Tuttle Tuttle Tuttle Tuttle Deep Tuttle foil Deep Tuttle foil
Valve Automatic Goretex Automatic Goretex Automatic Goretex Automatic Goretex Automatic Goretex Automatic Goretex
Fin Range 30-32 31-33 32-35 36-38 40-44 42-47
Sail Range 4.7-7.1 4.7-7.1 5.6-7.8 6.2-8.6 7.1-9.0

Modena 98, Modena 118 and Modena 138 are our brand new AV-Boards slalom weapons designed and developed to achieve the best acceleration and speed performances in all the kind of conditions you can find on the racing fields. The top of the performances with the unmatchable AV-Boards handling comfort, control in overpowered conditions and gybe ability. Modena, the best combination between speed, quality and a dream design!


Full sandwich 90 Kg/m3 + double sandwich under the pads + Carbon reinforcements / double sandwich bottom stringer + carbon / Deck Carbon Kevlar + carbon + glass layers. Surfing Hot Coat technology with Epoxy pigmented resin to reduce the paint, and the final weight is 250 gr less

Narrow outline featuring a pin nose and a fish tail. The outline kinks drastically from the back foot to the tail. All the boxes and inserts are a few cms back compared to other wave boards on the market. The scoopline features 16mm of tail kick and a light flat between the feet. The bottom shape features a V on the tail, sliding into a double concave, sliding into a 1,5 mm concave + 2mm double concave at 40 cms from tail, sliding into a single concave under the mast track, sliding in a light V toward the nose. This way the mid scoppline in straighter to perform better acceleration and speed, meanwhile the rails keeps their own curve that allow a better wave riding performance