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Hamboards Twisted Fin

Hamboards Twisted Fin

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Hamboards Twisted Fin

Strictly Pro Skateboard

Designed with Surf champion Cory Lopez for ultra pumpability. This little board is for skilled surfers and surf skaters only, it has insane turning, and because of this we always recommend helmets and pads at all times and take it easy to start with until you get used to it.

This board rides like a surfboard not a skateboard so ride with your hips and shoulders and trim your turns.

Length 26 in
Width 14 in
Wheelbase 14 in
Weight 9 lb
Wheel Diameter 62 mm
Front Truck HST 40° baseplate, 200 mm hanger
Rear Truck HST 40° baseplate, 200 mm hanger

Radical dimensions on this shortboard surf skateboard

With only 26 inches of deck and only 14 inches of wheelbase on top of 200mm hangers both 40s, this sits on 62mm wheels so this board really demands respect.