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Hamboards Pinger

Hamboards Pinger

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Hamboards Pinger

A sporty version of the Classic

A beautiful pintail carved out of natural bamboo or Baltic birch and has just the right mix of springiness and stability. <br>
It's the second largest in the range boasting an impressive 5'7" so it's great to get up on the nose, or cross stepping into a dropknee carve it's got that longboard surfing feel with a lively twist

The trucks are mounted on huge 24mm riser blocks, both front and rear are 40s to give even this board a loose and surfy feel.

Length 67 in
Width 16 in
Wheelbase 43 in
Weight 32 lb
Wheel Diameter 90 mm
Front Truck HST 40° baseplate, 200 mm hanger
Rear Truck HST 40° baseplate, 200 mm hanger

Gold springs

With super spring force that smooths out the bumps of UK roads when skateboarding

90mm Wheels

Making a buttery smooth ride, big enough to knock stones away from the wheels as you glide


Front and back trucks are both 40s just like the Classic skateboard