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'New" HST Molycam Set Wavecam

'New" HST Molycam Set Wavecam

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'New" HST Molycam Set Wavecam

The New WaveCam

The WaveCam is the cornerstone that spring torsion trucks were developed around. It's the easily replaceable wear part. Acting somewhat like an incline plane, the WaveCam translates the side to side force of longboard carving into up and down motion which can work with a single spring. Since the WaveCam eliminates the need for multiple resistance mechanisms (ie. two springs or two bushing halves) these spring torsion trucks can be made lower, lighter and maintained with fewer parts than many traditional longboard truck designs.


Attribute Hamboards HST Original OS8
Total Weight 725g 657g (incl riser)
Baseplate Weight 260g 212g (incl riser)
Pivot Cup Wall Thickness 7.5mm 4mm
Height 86mm 86mm (incl plastic riser)
Overall Length 110mm 110mm
Baseplate Length 91mm 89mm
Baseplate Width 55mm 55mm
Center Axle Height 75mm 75mm
Hanger Length 200mm 200mm
Axle Length 268mm 280mm
Board Lean 28 degrees 28 degrees