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Freewave | AV Boards

Freewave | AV Boards

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We designed the new shape of Wave Free after many years of experience developing this range of boards. This is the perfect board for the “rough conditions” days, but it’s also able to provide the best sensations you can get on your everyday sessions. The straight rocker line provides early planning ability and great top speed.

The Wave Free is the perfect board to learn how to ride a wave on a windsurf board, or for wave riders looking for a great on-shore wave board for European conditions.






Full sandwich 90 Kg/m3 + double sandwich under the pads +  Carbon reinforcements / double sandwich bottom stringer + carbon / Deck Carbon Kevlar + carbon + glass layers. Surfing Hot Coat technology with Epoxy pigmented resin to reduce the paint, and the final weight is 250 gr less

Full V Bottom + 1 mm double concave, light tail kick and flat to the front foot zone. Wave oriented nose and tail outline. Power Box on the central fin + 2 side Slot Boxes


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