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Hamboards Endurance

Hamboards Endurance

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Hamboards Endurance

Purpose-built for long-distance skateboard poling

The 60in long deck is fast and stable for long rides. It's built for speed on long paths without too much turning.

The 45in deck is fast, agile and pumpable but has enough steering to navigate urban obstacles.

Introducing the Zero

Unlike the other boards in the range, the Endurance boards come with a 40 truck on the front and a Zero on the back, this means you'll have the same lean front and back but only the front will steer, making the board both fast and comfortable.

  • HST 200mm 40

    The 40° baseplate rotates about 20° in each direction but leans the same as the 0º

  • HST 200mm Zero

    The 0° baseplate does not rotate at all but has the same amount of lean

Length 60 in 45 in
Width 11 in 11 in
Wheelbase 42 in - 48 in 28 in - 34 in
Weight 19 lb 11 in
Wheel Diameter 83 mm 83 mm
Front Truck HST 40° baseplate, 200 mm hanger HST 40° baseplate, 200 mm hanger
Rear Truck HST 0° baseplate, 160 mm hanger HST 0° baseplate, 160 mm hanger
SUP skate long distance, race skateboard