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Burst Surfskate

Burst Surfskate

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Burst Surfskate

Nothing feels like the Burst

It's a surfskate that feels alot like a snowboard, riding on the edge, pumping and carving at speed, this is not a board for a tight slow infinity loop, it's different it's fast but with control

The Burst is built with a 40º 180mm hanger at the front with a 20º 180mm hanger at the rear, and a 34" deck with a 19" wheelbase makes this board pump like none of the others

Length 32 in
Width 10 in
Wheelbase 19 in
Weight 10 lb
Wheel Diameter 66 mm
Front Truck 40° baseplate, 180 mm hanger
Rear Truck 20° baseplate, 180 mm hanger