RRD UK Windsurfing

For 2013 RRD offers you a range of boards to help you rip and most importantly enjoy your windsurfing from your first days as a beginner to wave sailing, PWA slalom and Freestyle and everything in between. Due to feedback from our customers and shops RRD now bring out versions of boards as opposed to years as some ranges do not need to be updated each year. Time and again RRD owners, riders, users and testers report the same feedback that so many of our boards feel so comfortable, easy to use and yet allow them to improve their sailing at all levels. RRD continue to set such high standard to others just simply can’t keep up – Antoine Albeau made his move to the RRD family for the 2012 season and not only took the PWA 2012 slalom title but also smashed the world speed record all in the same year !!

Here is a brief rundown of what joy toys RRD have to offer you from our brand manager Dave White and team members Jem Hall & John Skye. For starting out and improving we have the supremely stable Easy riders and Evolutions. Then for your flat water and free ride sailing it is time to put some Fire into it and consider our NEW FireMoves (Jem's favourite for coaching and demos) with their wide and easy plan shapes to make planing and gybing tooo easy.

If you wish for a faster feeling that is between a freemove and a free race board then enjoy an exhilarating ride on the FireStorm and fire round the corners with ease. For racing, local slalom or fast cruising and overtaking your mates check out the PWA slalom line X Fires or consider a more affordable construction with the FireRace.

Next up we have the line that has put a huge smile on the face of so many RRD customers and testers, the Freestyle Wave. This is the most all-round shape and comes in a huge range of sizes for different riders and conditions, the best just got a whole lot better and continues to go from strength to strength from flat water to waves to freestyle it does it all.

As the water gets more wavey it is time to get on board our Cult line of wave boards available in both Quad and Single fin. When it is time to really ride some powerful waves go for our HardCores, in both Quad and Single fin.

Lastly, if sliding and freestyle is your thing then look no further than the hugely popular and highly acclaimed TwinTip then is so easy it feels like you are cheating!

Please get in touch with Jem for any questions you have on board choice or tuning, or for him to help you put a quiver of boards together to suit your ability, size and aspirations.