RRD EZZY Test Centres

You can now demo RRD wind and kite surfing equipment together with Ezzy sails both in the UK and further afield.


As the team at 2XS say

"These brands have been chosen because, in our opinion, they are the best . Each piece of equipment in our hire fleet has been picked because it offers a superior performance. If we wouldn’t sail it, we wouldn’t expect you to.  We are proud to be a demo centre for  RRD Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, Ezzy Sails, Dakine, and Kialoa. We use this kit for all our courses and it is also available to hire and test."

To find out how you can demo please contact the team at 2XS or click here


Plus MOON BEACH in Egypt

Is now an RRD  EZZY test centre..

This from the team........

Yup.. it’s all true... We’ve always known it was a great spot.. with a seriously reliable wind, clear water and a wide variety of perfect conditions - all of which are uncrowded.

To this we’ve added a shinny centre, and kit that works perfectly for all the above.

And to vindicate our decision on the toys front we’ve been asked to become an RRD Test Centre..

In truth, not a lot will change.. Our high standard of service will remain, the conditions will continue to be as awesome as ever but we’ll have even more toys to play with - throughout the season our line-up will expand to include the new Firestorms and Firerides to go alongside our Fireraces and the supremely popular Firemoves; these boards are going down an absolute storm - more on these to follow.

Those of a more energetic persuasion are accommodated with a selection of Twin Tips and a set of the latest FreeStyleWaves - all of which work incredibly well out on the water.. Regular kit updates and feedback to follow, but don’t just take our word for it.. come visit and give the toys a try.

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