Ezzy Sails UK

As the man behind Ezzy sails would say 'Quality is our strength,' and this is strongly backed up by the hugely loyal customer base. The qualities associated with Ezzy sails are stability, strength, wind range and amazing construction with more attention to detail then you can ever imagine.

As Jem Hall says everything is 'easy with an Ezzy,' and this includes your choice of sail. If you want an all round sail for a wide range of conditions, abilities and sailor weights than go for either the Ezzy Tiger or the  New 4 batten Panther Elite. When looking to put some distance between you and your friends then go for the Cheetah and get top speeds on a sail with a massive wind range. Should you want to get even more power, speed and versatility then look no further than the Lion, inspired by 8-time world champion Kevin Pritchard, which is the new king of cambered freeride sails.

A brand new edition to the Ezzy Lineup for 2013 is the all New Legacy offering Ezzy performance & quality in the waves and on the flat water at a very affordable price.

Please get in touch with Jem  for any questions you have on sail choice or tuning, or for him to help you put a quiver of sails together to suit your ability, size and aspirations.

Ezzy have an unmatched customer service and take their customers as seriously as they do with their sails, so Email Ezzy direct  and you will get a personal response within 12 hours. They can help on anything from tuning your new or old Ezzys to choosing the right sail /mast for you!