Ezzy Sails UK

As the man behind Ezzy sails would say 'Quality is our strength,' and this is strongly backed up by the hugely loyal customer base. The qualities associated with Ezzy sails are stability, strength, wind range and amazing construction with more attention to detail then you can ever imagine.

David Ezzy owns his own factory because no other factory or manufacturer in the world is able to meet the demands for quality. The Ezzy factory in Sri Lanka was built with the sole purpose of creating the highest quality sails in the world.

For 2014 last years 5 batten Tiger moves forward into '14 completely unchanged. The Tiger comes with color fusion film, a beautiful graphic layout, and both a Calibrated Downhaul System and leech downhaul gauges.

The Tiger has been designed to fit a wide range of masts, and most importantly, it comes with a tested and proven design that is sure to please the more traditional sailor looking for the classic power, stability, and durability of an Ezzy sail. 

The Ezzy Elite is a 4 batten, light-weight wave sail. Designed for on-shore and side-shore waves, as well as flat water. It is superbly balanced and stable, with a wide wind range, so fewer sails are needed in your quiver!

When looking to put some distance between you and your friends then go for the Cheetah and get top speeds on a sail with a massive wind range.

The Cheetah is a ripping camless Freeride model that balances excellent performance and speed with the absolute best construction of any sail in its class.

Should you want to get even more power, speed and versatility then look no further than the Lion, inspired by 8-time world champion Kevin Pritchard, which is the new king of cambered freeride sails.

A brand new edition to the Ezzy line-up for 2014 is the all new Taka. 

The Ezzy Taka is a 3 batten pure wave sail. It is light in the hands and rides waves better than any sail. If you are serious about your wave sailing and want to get more radical off the top, the Taka will help.

This what Dave has to say.....

"I designed the three batten Taka to be a pure wave sail. It’s light in the hands and rides waves better than any sail I have ever used. During the Taka’s developmental phase, there was always a fight between Kevin, Graham and me, on who got to use the Taka proto that day.

The Taka goes neutral in the top turn which allows you to focus on your board. This results in a much more dynamic cutback, or whatever move you desire off the top. The Taka is designed for light to medium wind wave sailing and can be set really full for super light wind.

Although the Taka can comfortably handle quite a lot of wind, I do not recommend sailing it way over-powered. It’s better to go with a smaller size. For example, the 4.5 Taka is as powerful as a standard 4.7, the 4.9 Taka has the power

of a 5.3 and the 5.4 Taka is as powerful as most 5.7’s.

The Taka retains the control, balance and soft feel that defines my sails. In fact, sailing in a straight line, I don’t notice the taka being any less stable than the four batten Elite.

I’ve kept the construction and materials of the Taka similar to the Elite. This includes a Technora leech, Color Fusion center and Spectra X Film body.

To get the true performance out of the Taka, you need to rig it correctly. We rig and calibrated all Taka’s, so that you can easily and accurately set the downhaul. The Taka is designed to rig only on Ezzy masts.

So, if you are serious about your wave sailing and want to get more radical off the top, the Taka will help. I know it has for me."

Please get in touch with Jem  for any questions you have on sail choice or tuning, or for him to help you put a quiver of sails together to suit your ability, size and aspirations.

Ezzy have an unmatched customer service and take their customers as seriously as they do with their sails, so Email Ezzy direct  and you will get a personal response within 12 hours. They can help on anything from tuning your new or old Ezzys to choosing the right sail /mast for you!