Albeau smashes the 50 knot barrier!

After the promising first few days at Luderitz Speed Challenge, everyone felt that the 50 knot barrier wasn’t far off with some close runs and a new World Record. Finally, on Tuesday, the barrier was broken and records kept tumbling with almost every run.

Anders Bringdal was the first one to broke the 50 knots barrier twice, with a 50.41 and then a 50.46 knot run.
But then Antoine Albeau went his way pushing the record to 50.62 knots, getting his name back in the World Record books. The World Record was also held by Cedric Bordes for a short time that afternoon with 49.66 knots.

Reports say that the wind speed was not ideal during these runs. The question begs: how far can they go if they get even better conditions?